Regular service are includes the Southwestern States:
​All of Arizona, Las Vegas, Southern California, and New Mexico.  

National and International travel options are available for large scale events.  

BOOM! Event Experiences are cast only with trained, professional performers, and all events are overseen, managed, and represented by BOOM! Administration.  

Confidence. Peace of Mind. Experience. 
Your big event is not a training ground for students. 

You only have one shot to create the impact and Guest Experience that you're looking for.
Simply put, you should be confident that the Experience your guests are receiving is a tried and true production and has been successfully executed in front of other previous audiences. 

You will get what you pay for.  The cost is going to be proportional to the impact you receive.
Should you choose to open your meeting or conference with an inexperienced, amateur, or scholastic ensemble you should also be aware that when working with inexperience, you could very possibly encounter unexpected problems you may not have originally anticipated.  

Your guests should be the only ones receiving an unexpected experience, not you!

Take careful consideration as to how you make your statement and how you set your tone.  

what is the boom! service area?

Group size is typically determined based on the two following components:

  1. Number of guests/attendees
    Impact can be created by group sizes small and large, but should be appropriate to the scale of the event. 
  2. Size of stage or performance space
    Since BOOM! routines are choreographed, mobile, and visual productions, a clear, unobstructed performance space is suggested in order to allow for maximum visual impact and performer safety.  


This is a very common and appropriate request.

High Impact, Specialty Entertainment Experiences that exceeds the 8-10 minute mark typically brings diminishing return.  

BOOM! 'Signature' High-Impact, Choreographed, Audience-Interactive Experiences have been designed for personalization and to be configured to fit the scale, time frame, and needs of your event.  


We understand that the main objective of your Specialty Entertainment request is to serve a purpose.
BOOM! offers a variety of Guest Experiences that are used as vehicles to deliver the impact you're looking for. 

While the sheer festive pageantry and surprise element of a Marching Band or LED Drumline bursting into your event is breathtaking on it's own, BOOM! elevates the experience through an unconventional 'rock & roll' style performance, allowing your guests to laugh, cheer, participate and be a part of the routine!

WHAT IS specialty entertainment?

This depends on many factors, including the type of event, the setting, the desired Guest Experience, etc...

We offer a variety of ensembles with a number of experiences in order to cater to a wide variety of events, themes, and occasions. 

In the beginning, it doesn’t matter how detailed your vision is, but be prepared to discuss the ‘big picture’ goal or objective. 

We offer our professional expertise, advice, and suggestions, as well as continued consultation throughout the event planning process to continually be sure we're aligned with the end goal.  

is a 1-5 minute experience an unusual request?

It is advised that Specialty Entertainment, one of the most important and memorable aspects of your entire event should be booked as early as possible.

​Since every event is personalized and unique, planning and booking at least 2-3 months in advance is suggested.  
This allows adequate advising, consultation, casting, and preparation in order for you to receive the best possible Guest Experience.  

Although the creative process can be expedited, availability and rates may vary. 

what size group is right for my event?

WHEN should I bOOK?

how is boom unique?

1. Contact us to let us know you're interested

2. Connect on the phone to discuss your event in detail

3. Receive a free quote for your unique Guest Experience

4. BOOM! casts and schedules rehearsals to customize/personalize the Experience
5. Worry-free planning process for you, a memorable experience for your guests!


frequently asked questions!

which experience is right for my event?

Michael Richau (Owner/Founder/Booking/Creative Director) & Tyler Alcorn (Creative Producer/Client Relations) will be working closely with you in order to create your ideal Personalized Guest Experience. 

BOOM! is a Professional Specialty Entertainment Company that is run by full time administration.  
This allows us to respond to your messages in a timely manner and give your event the undivided attention it needs and deserves. 

You can learn more about Michael and Tyler HERE

who will i be working with?

WHAT does the process look like?