General Session Surprise Opener/Closer

  • High Impact Pre-Rehearsed Choreographed Routine
  • Lively, Upbeat, Fun, Improvised Routine

Lead in the CEO, Keynote, Sales Directors with Festive Pageantry

Company Party Surprise Performance

  • Cocktail Party/Lead Guests to Dinner/Awards/Flash Mob

Parade Through the Event

  • Conventions, Trade Shows, Fairs, Carnivals

Greet or Lead Guests

  • Standstill or Marching Performance

Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, & Product Launches

Background/Ambient Entertainment

5-10 min

  • General Session Opener/Closer/Cocktail
  • Hour/Company Party Surprise Performance

5-30 min 

  • Greeting Arriving Guests or a Revolving Audience

5-30 min 

  • Custom Arranged Productions – Additional Rates Apply

3-20 Drummers 
4 Drummers (popular)

2-12 Dancers

4 Drummers & 2 Dancers (popular)